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Lift Adapter Goldhofer SXN-L4 + SN-L7 + RA3

Raalte, Netherlands

Lift Adapter Goldhofer SXN-L4 + SN-L7 + RA3

  • Payload max 100.00 t / 220462 lbs
  • WindPower Yes
  • Year of production 2007
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1x 4 axle module
1x 7 axle module
BPW axles: 11.600 kg. per axle
Hydraulic steering
High and low valve
Tires: 245/70R17.5 / double fitted
Remote control steering

Adaptor capacity: 100 ton
Hydraulic operating/moveable
Remote control

Measurements adaptor:
Length: 5.981 mm
Width: 2.550 mm
Max diameter 5.300 mm

Compatible with Vestas / Siemens / Enercon towers + Nacelles!

Measurements trailer:
Length: 21.640 mm
Width: 2.550 mm
Height loading floor: 1650 mm

*technical drawings on request!

Additional information
2x Hatz Powerpack/diesel engine
King Pin 3.5”
3x Spare wheel
Orange warning lights

Technical and Optical in perfect condition!

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