About Crane-Locator.com

Crane-Locator is a place to grow all heavy-lift transport community in one place.

We help to equipment owners and manufacturers:

  • Dramatically reduce the equipment downtime for rent and get it always busy
  • Increase the heavy-lift transport selling and get direct benefit
  • Search compatible equipment for your own machinery
  • Promote your equipment for rent, sale or leasing

We help service companies:

  • Search right equipment by requested parameters in requested region
  • Help companies to be able in search list regarding business segment and scope of operation over the globe
  • Get open information about upcoming events in logistics and special equipment industry
  • Knowledge interchange (news, rules, safety..) between all players in Project Logistics by getting or giving trainings, visit events and find professionals rather companies or individuals
  • Promotion of your business directly to specialist in project management, heavy lifting and abnormal transport

Within Crane-locator.com, you can be project equipment owner and equipment searcher or both of them in same time.

Example: Your company is preparing lifting job abroad. For mobilization and setup of your big crane you need foreign (local to your project) transport company and mobile crane, you know all dimensions and weight, so on the Crane-locator map you can find right trailers to transport and right crane to setup your crane. Advantage: Local companies always aware of all transport regulations, local crane will be cheaper and faster at the Project.

Crane-Locator's features asset:

  • Map with special transport and lifting equipment for Project or single job, onshore or offshore, over all the globe
  • Separate equipment webpage for each item with pictures, descriptions, parameters sheet, map placement and tech documentation
  • Tools to save you time by finding with filters and connect necessary services for running for future Projects
  • Company mini webpage with more function then any standart website