Frequently Asked Questions is not a trading or renting company, we do not have own equipment. What we do is promoting your business and assets directly to specialist in project management, heavy lifting and abnormal transport. But of course you can buy or rent equipment directly to company owner via Crane-Locator. You can book it using form.
Meet your customers directly. In the Pricing you can choose the best package for you. Free plan exists. We promote your company and equipment with Crane-Locator anyway! Register now for free.
Crane-Locator is full responsive designed site. So not needed some apps. It works good on desktop, tablet and mobile phones. Just use your browser
Surely! You have to create company first and fill contacts to get orders via Crane-Locator. Then you have to add each equipment item with parameters and map placement. Since everybody could find your machinery and enquire it.
Crane-Locator is only available in English at the moment - sorry! But we have plans to implement at least 7 languages: English, Deutsch, Português, Español, Le français, Русский, اللغة العربية
Register Company No is your EU VAT number or company registration Certificate number. We made it to prevent duplicate companies and fraud in our system. This number will be invisible for users, only you and registration system will keep it visible.