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Tur Transit Logistics

Tur Transit Logistics

Tur Transit Logistics has been founded in 1980 in Istanbul, and been operating successfully for 40 years in the "Transportation" and "Logistics" sector. We are a strong player in Project transportation and heavy haulage market with our wide range of self-owned fleet and equipment. We also have companies, distribution centers, and fleet in Romania and Germany.

Depots: 5 | Employees: 300

Categories: Forwarding (Expedition) | Logistics | Personnel (Recruiting) | Pilot car | Port operations | Railway Transportation | Road permit | Road Transport | Shipping | Trailers rent | Trailers trade | Trucks rent | Trucks trade

Countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Kraaninspectie Nederland

Kraaninspectie Nederland

Kraaninspectie Nederland (Crane Inspection Netherlands) specialized in placing the right people in the world of hoisting & lifting, heavy lift and specialized transport with competent and experience. Our staff is highly trained and motivated to support our clients and efficiently for a shorter or longer period.

Depots: 1 | Employees: 20

Categories: Certifications | Consulting | Personnel (Recruiting) | Testing & Inspection | Training | Wind Energy Services

Countries: Netherlands