Request for semi trailer to transport crane counterweights (ballast trailer)

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Request  for semi trailer to transport crane counterweights (ballast trailer)



Request description

Hi, we are looking for second-hand semi-trailer to transport crane counterweights (ballast trailer)
4, 5 or 6 axles
Double tires
Hydraulic suspension
Hydraulic steering
Trailers can be from 2000 and younger


Location: Europe
Type: Purchase
Active till: 2017-06-15
Specific terms:
State: Active

Offers for Request


GOLDHOFER -6-axle-Semitrailer

July 25, 2017, 7:44 a.m.

Technical data: SPZ-DH 6-98/45 Speed 80 km/h / 45 km/h 5th wheel load / Axle load 5th WL 27.000 kg / 32.000 kg / AL 6 x 10.000 / 14.200 kg Gross weight 87.000 / 117.200 kg Deadweight approx. 17.200 kg Payload approx. 69.800 / 100.000 kg Loading platform 17.000 mm x 2.480 mm Loading height in driving position, laden approx. 1.510 mm +/- 150 mm 5th wheel height, laden 1.275 mm Tyres (24-off) Michelin 305/70 R 22,5 Clearance radius on gooseneck front/rear 2.030 mm / 2.800 mm Equipment  Front wall, 1.000 mm high, detachable  EBS-brake system  Electric unit, make Bosch 5,5l/min. without battery  6-times on/off-valve  Auxiliary steering easyCONTROL „Basic“ incl. remote control  Hydraulical axle compensation  6 pairs of stake pockets 100 x 50 mm  BPW-axles (5 steering axles)  11 pairs of lashing pockets in the outer frame  Bankirai wood flooring  7 pairs of recessed lashing rings (APS 5)  1 spare wheel incl. carrier beneath the loading platform  2 pairs of stake pocket strips  1st axle pneumatically liftable  2 units of rotating beacon incl. carrier and sockets  Lateral underride protection price and lead-time on personal request

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