Historic Building was shipping by SCHEUERLE SPMT’s in China


  • Location China
  • Cargo Weight 11450 tonnes
  • Cargo Dimensions 600 metres
  • Date 6-12-2023
  • Company Tii Group

Project description

China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics accomplished an impressive feat using 300 axle lines of SCHEUERLE Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) to relocate a five-building complex over 600 meters. The heaviest edifice tipped the scales at 10,000 tonnes, leading Vastwin to break three notable records in the process: the heaviest load moved, the tallest structure relocated, and the furthest distance over which such a heavy structure was transported, which included a substantial elevation change. These relocations are part of China's ongoing efforts to preserve historical buildings while adhering to environmental protection mandates. The expertise of heavy-load logistics is crucial in these operations, with SPMTs from TII SCHEUERLE often playing a key role. The particular challenge here involved moving the entire Ningxia Saishang Jiangnan Museum complex, situated in northern China, away from the vulnerable floodplains of the Yellow River. The main structure's impressive dimensions required an elaborate setup, including ten power pack units (PPUs) from TII SCHEUERLE. The project's most massive single transport involved moving a total weight of 11,450 tonnes, setting a new benchmark in the field of heavy-load logistics and engineering.

Equipment used

300 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines
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