Heavy or tricky – uses at all heights.

Whether for construction works, bridge construction, erecting wind turbines or plant construction, and whether the task is heavy or simply tricky – we handle every kind of lifting operation. From the small mobile crane, particularly for use in halls, to the tandem lift using multiple large cranes with up to 650 tons of lifting capacity – we have the right equipment and an experienced team for every task. Already in the first step in planning we determine the optimum crane position, particularly in critical deployment sites such as in chemicals factories or industrial plants.

Moving loads – self-propelled.

Using our self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT), large or long heavy loads can be manoeuvred precisely: they are ideal for manoeuvering on site or for positioning machine parts on site – even in the tightest of spaces. Crosswise, diagonal and circular travel is possible using this technology, problem-free. The SPMT can be combined with other units to suit, but can also be arranged in an open configuration. This means that you move in synch, and can do so even on public roads.