With 18 years’ experience, we’re pioneers and specialists in mini cranes. As a general importer, we use MAEDA mini cranes, offering value for money, top product quality, and a compact design. A light weight, manoeuvrable size, load-bearing capacity of up to 8 tonnes, and a hook height of 25,50 metres all set high standards. Uplifter saves you time and money on site.

When it comes to our glass lifters, we are specialist in assembling and hoisting heavy windows, panes, and ceiling and façade elements. Snug-fitting, flexible and secure with only one assembler!

We offer all kinds of suction lifters – for glass, stone, metal and wood, suitable for trade work and industry, indoors or outdoors.

Combined with our mini cranes, we’ve got the solution to every hoisting problem!

And for anyone wanting to lift extra heavy loads, our mobile cranes can be purchased or leased Europe-wide.