We were founded in 2000 in order to provide full service for licensed special transport pilot car. 

Nowadays, the company has been one of the largest companies on behalf of concerning regulation for the special escorting cars, with qualified employees.

we are working 6 escort cars and with skilled peoples. we make 100 - 150 pcs. route permit.

We are a company that provides services related to the movement of abnormal loads – obtaining permits and escort services for oversize and overweight transports to and Turkey in this region. We can offer complete, top quality service for your abnormal transports in this part of Europe in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices.

Main objectives and services that we offer are:

  • Finding the best route for your abnormal transport depending on dimensions of transport, road conditions, and eventual road works at the time of transport

  • Obtaining special permits from authorities for abnormal transports

  • Obtaining special permits from city authorities for abnormal transports through cities, when necessary

  • Escorting and securing all kind of abnormal transports with our own vehicles and professional drivers

  • Organization of police escorting, when necessary

  • Organization of abnormal transports through areas with road works in cooperation with companies that are in charge for works

A team of our skilled, dynamic and professional employees is available to our clients 24 hours a day. Maximum commitment and constant desire for improvement and development are values that our partners recognize and why they trust us. We are kindly inviting you to be one of them as well.

We would like to have the opportunity for cooperation and a chance to provide you with excellent service.


  • Pilot car
  • Road permit