TII Group has become the world market leader through tireless research and development work, constant constructive dialogue with the industry, and a long-term corporate philosophy geared towards partnership and trust. No other company has produced as many vehicles with hydraulically supported pendulum axes as we have done.

This has practical benefits for you. You can access an entire fleet of our vehicles worldwide on every continent, hire them from other operators at short notice, or take advantage of our worldwide sales and service network. 90 per cent of all transports over 5,000 tonnes are carried out on TII Group vehicles - thus we are always in close proximity to you when it comes to dealing with the most difficult of assignments.

But who actually determines who the "world market leader" is? In order to deal transparently with this designation, we have opened a screening of the World Market Leader Index Project of the Executive School of Management Technology & Law at the University of St. Gallen. Within this framework, strict selection criteria were reviewed while extensive information was collected on us. This information was scientifically evaluated and made available in a condensed form to the general public and in economic policy guidelines. The "Weltmarkführerschwinge" (World Market Leader) award and inclusion in the "Lexikon der Weltmarktführer" (Lexicon of World Market Leaders) soon followed.

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