We can produce cabins for cranes, excavators and we can made cabins for all types of cranes, make the cabin exactly according to your drawing.

Also we can produce E-containers, containers, operator control stations.

Our company was formed in 2007 in Saint Petersburg and over the years managed to become the market leader in the production of control crane cabins and excavating machines in Russia and the CIS.

We are also cooperate with European countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Greece, Lithuania. Continuous improvement of existing production processes and design solutions allow our company to produce a huge amount of work on making the crane cabins in the shortest possible time.

Our main goal is to design and manufacture the control cabin and seat consoles are not inferior in quality to European counterparts, while our products are very pleasant to you at cost.

We are constantly improving our products, developing designs using the experience of European and domestic experts.
In the cockpit order is necessary to consider a lot of factors that affect the performance of the operator and will improve the quality of work performed by them and increase their volume.

Such factors include ergonomics and ease of control and management elements, color schemes color parts of the control cabin, high-quality soundproofing and heat insulation, ensuring a comfortable climate inside the cabin.
PetroKab LLC control cubicle are made in accordance with all the requirements and standards of PB 10-382-00 and GOST.

The high level of construction quality of welding allows you to not worry about the rigidity and reliability of the construction crane cabin and modern painting cabin makes metal parts for a long time prevent corrosion and maintain a great appearance.

Thermal insulation, coupled with the heating system allows the crane operator to work in the cabin at the lowest temperatures, and air conditioning system helps the operator to feel comfortable at very high temperatures.
We will be glad to answer all your questions and satisfy any wishes promptly.

And remember that crane cabin - tap that person or any other mechanism!

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Employees: 50