We are the first specialized company of this type in Europe, offering assembly services with the usage of devices with a lifting capacity up to 418 tonnes each and an experienced team of experts and specialists implementing the most demanding undertakings. 

The company provides services involving lifting or moving the equipment, devices or constructions. Moreover, the company offers the assembly of the above-mentioned.

The range of services:

 - Carrying out work inside buildings, where other devices (such as cranes) have limited access or don’t have it at all
- Work in the open space, shortening the time of the assembly while maintaining full professionalism at the same time
- Transferring massive objects
- Work at all other similar investments

We provide comprehensive services, starting with the development of technical and organizational project to implementation under our own supervision.

Heavy-Mont puts safety first - http://heavy-mont.pl/en/safety


  • Lifting
  • Contractor
  • Equipment service
  • Engineering