Daytona Heavy Haulage operates a combination of double drive tractor units and truck mounted cranes with 3 - 7 axle extendable trailers which can carry a 100 tonne payload specialising in the movement of heavy equipment such as machinery and plant for all sectors of Industry.Also a range of trailers which include :

  • Step frame extendable trailers
  • Treble extendable flat trailers
  • Step frame Euroliners
  • Double extendable stepframes
  • Low bed extendable Trailers
  • 2 bed 5 lowbed Trailer
  • Extendable Blade Trailers
  • Clampsets
  • Dolleys
  • Nacelle Beds
Categories: Road Transport | Trailers rent | Trucks rent
Countries: Ireland
Depots: 2
Employees: 50