Petrochemical Tower, weight 132tons


March 2016
  • Location Dalian, China
  • Cargo Weight 132 Tons
  • Cargo Dimensions 43 Meters
  • Date March 2016
  • Company Sunshine Int'l Logistics

Project description

We, Sunshine int'l Logistics, shipped total 7 petrochemical towers from Dalian,China to Jiujiang, China, with the largest one among which weighs 132 tons, 43 meters long. The project was under DDU term, and we moved the towers with platform trailers from the customer's factory to the Dalian port and later from Jiujiang port to final destination. To ensure the safety, we hired the police escort car all long the way.

Equipment used

Platform trailers Police Escort Car Self-Propelled Flat Deck Barge 500 T
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