Truck with crane Mercedes-Benz ASK 40 TK

Fetih, Adana Çevre Yolu Cd. No:92, 42030 Karatay/Konya, Turkey

Truck with crane Mercedes-Benz ASK 40 TK

  • Truck Driving Configuration -
  • Lifting Capacity max 13.70 t / 30203 lbs
  • Lifting Height max 20.40 m / 67 ft
  • Year of production -
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Technical Specifications

Chassis of Crane

  • The Crane and outriggers are mounted on to its own chasis. This Chasis is connected to the Vehicle’s Chasis with screws and studs. In case of vehicle malfunction full set of the crane can be connected to the another vehicle.  .

Steel Construction

  • The Crane chassis is made to set foot booms DOMEX-700 quality steel sheet, the main boomST 52-3 high strength steel material and the upright boom are produced from high-strength ALFORM -700 or equivalent material.

Rotation System

  • Slewing ring, planetary reducers, hydraulic motor, hydraulic brakes and endless rotation hydraulic distributor work on the Crane.



  • 2 pieces under the crane works vertical and horizontal mobile hydraulic outriggers of the balance are made (total 2 pieces). These outriggersare mounted in the frame of the crane. During the operation of the crane come down, the vehicle's chassis, axles and shears is unable to load.
  • Combined bending and torsion foot booms sensitive resources, etc. as resistant high-strength material (minimum ST 52 or quality equivalent) type of box is manufactured.
  • On the foot of retainers imported blocking valves are used.

Boom System

  • There are 1 upright boom, 1 folding boom 5 hydraulic extension booms and 2 mechanical booms.
  • Wear and reduces friction between the main boom and telescopic booms guide Kestamide.
  • Folding booms and telescopic booms are as hexagonal produced from high-strength imported material.(OPTIM-700)








Hydraulic System

  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinders and honed from high-strength material (at least the quality of ST-52 or equivalent) will be produced.
  • Rods precision-machined, hard chrome-plated high-strength material to (at least the quality of Ç-1040 or equivalent) will be produced.
  • The hydraulic system; machine, hydraulic system and an overload in order to protect the people working under the machine, waiting for a long time to load the hose burst and pressure relief, load holding (Over center) and twin locking valves shall be used.
  • Normal engine speed of the vehicle will provide 250 bar pressure pump continuously.
  • Do operate the system easily (max. 350 bar pressure) imported origin piston pump will use
  • The systemmaximum working pressurewill be 250 bar.
  • The system will be provided on the suction and return filter cleaning system using the system will be healthy and long life.
  • Hydraulic plumbing pipes, seamless steel pipe imported from cold-shooting will be covered with phosphate ST37.
  • The hydraulic hoses will be R2 double wire braid.
  • A record thimbles used for Installation will be imported.
  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity of the crane will not interfere with the operation capacity will be selected.
  • At all levels, hydraulic installations pressure can be read from manometer bar and kg/cm2.



      . Pump                                                  Sunfab(SWEDEN)

  • Stell Boom Group                           ALFORM-700 or DOMEX960 (SWEEDEN )
  • Crane Control                                   Walvoil (ITALIAN)
  • Foot Control                                     Walvoil (ITALIAN)
  • Reducer                                             Dinamic Oil (ITALIAN)
  • Valves                                                 OilComp (ITALIAN)
  • Rotation Filter                                  Ikron (ITALIAN)
  • Suction Filter                                    Ikron (ITALIAN)
  • Hoses                                                  Manuli (ITALIAN)
  • Installation pipes                            Benteler (ITALIAN)
  • Hoses Drum                                      Demac(ITALIAN)
  • Hydraulic Cylinders                        Materialsoriginally Europeanmade by ASELKON
  • Ring Gear                           IMO (GERMAN) External thread