Semi Lowloader Faymonville STN Z-8 WA

Willem Alexanderstraat 19, 6691 EE Gendt, Netherlands

Semi Lowloader Faymonville STN Z-8 WA

  • Payload max 105.00 t / 231485 lbs
  • Platform Length 21000 mm / 69 ft
  • Loading Height 1050 mm / 3 ft
  • Loading Width 2740 mm / 9 ft
  • Quantity of Axles 8
  • WindPower Yes
  • Year of production 2010
  • Yacht/boat transport No
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 Axle power steered semi-low loader
Faymonville Multi NZ-8H-WA 
year of production 2010

Easy-to-maintain semi-trailer,
carrying capacity up to 110 t

Chassis is constructed with a strong central spine (extendable main beam) construction which is connected with cross-members to the side-profile.

Hydraulic gooseneck, 35 t, suitable for 8x4 and 6x4 tractor units

removable aluminium boards along the perimeter of the gooseneck,
hydraulic gooseneck,
the telescopic platform,
hydraulic suspension,
hydraulic steered axes,
SAF axes,
Lift axles