Hydraulic Gantry ENERPAC Strandjack Gantry system

Hydraulic Gantry ENERPAC Strandjack Gantry system

  • Lifting Capacity max 1050.00 t / 2314854 lbs
  • Lifting Height max 16.00 m / 52 ft
Looking for the same?

Egytrans have a strand jack Gantry system with the below specifications:

1- 4 * SBL1100

Hydraulic columns with 3 height stages

Closed length 4.4m and 262 ton capacity for each one, 1st stage 7m length and 262 capacity for each one, 2nd stage  9.7m length  and 168 on capacity for each one and 4h stage 12m length 94.5 ton capacity for each one

It can move on skid tracks forward and backward, we have more than 40m skid tracks

2- Rotation unit

Can rotate the package 360° with or anti clockwise to adjust the package on its foundation.

Capacity up to 450ton

3- 2 * Side shift unit

Capacity up to 450ton  for each unit, It can move on beam forward and backward to set the package on its foundation

4- Steel structure system to be able on high level on buildings

It can raise the skidding level from 00.0m to 16.0 m