We undertake all kind of transportation, escort, consulting and administration, special permissions. Spare parts procurement, backup, replacement, repair, we can arrange at your  disposal. We know that time is money, but besides this, we are also competitive in another important factor: the prices.

We offer to all of our partner's personalized packages – with unique advantages for you kind attention inform you that we offer escorts starting from 0,35 cent/ km . 

Among our reference, there are highly respected Hungarian and foreign companies to whom we already proved our professionalism.

Tiszak kft. is up to date with legislative and regulatory changes, we can keep you informed. Our cars are equipped with the latest technology, we are on the business with five young escort cars, so we can cover a large scale of requirements in this field.


Request a custom quote and make sure about  Tiszak Kft’s effectiveness!


  • Contractor
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Forwarding (Expedition)
  • Temporary roads & mats
  • Road permit


Categories: Forwarding (Expedition) | Road permit
Countries: Hungary
Depots: 1
Employees: 10