Company is authorized by Terex (Demag, PPM) for warranty and post-warranty service for Czech and Slovak Republic, and besides that, Ti kran servis s.r.o. also provide repairs and refurbishing of mobile cranes, crawler cranes, loader cranes, mobile elevating work platforms, etc. for Czech and foreign customers. Technicians also have experience with many crane types from different manufacturers, such as ČKD Slaný, Liebherr, Grove, Lokomo, Krupp, Tadano, XCMG, etc. 

Tikran servis s.r.o. is providing technical inspection and mobile crane service also in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Uruguay, RSA, etc.

By combination of technical inspection and service we are able to provide complex services to the customer.

Technical inspection is important part of Ti kran servis s.r.o., it is focused on mechanical parts of equipment. This work is done by inspectors of lifting machinery and equipment, they are certified by TIČR and TISR for this type of work.

Technical inspection provides:

  • Revisions, revision tests, inspections, specific assessments, verification tests and checks of mechanical parts of lifting machinery and equipment according relevant standards.
  • Specific assessments of mobile cranes according ISO 12 482-1.
  • Tests after repairs of lifting machinery.
  • Tests and checks of winches and single-purpose tools.
  • Periodic checks of lifting and suspending equipment.
  • Trainings of riggers, crane operators, authorized persons (lifting machinery
    and equipment users), specialized technicians (operations technicians of lifting
    equipment), including issue of license (or certificate).
  • Authorization extension for mobile crane operators for different crane types.
  • Validating of technological procedures for manipulation, including proposing of suitable lifting equipment for lifting and suspending of loads.
  • Validating of technical documentation of lifting machinery in lifting.
  • Participation in difficult manipulation with loads by using the cranes.
  • Investigation of incidents, failures and injuries during works of lifting or electrical machinery.
  • Safe working procedure elaboration for safe crane operations.
  • Risk analysis elaboration for crane operations and load manipulations.
  • Consultancy in lifting field.
  • Revisions, inspections, verification tests and checks of electrical parts of lifting machinery and equipment according relevant standards.
  • Training of employees and electricians according National regulation 50/78 Coll.
  • Revisions of electrical installation in buildings.
  • Revisions of high voltage electrical equipments and buildings in B category.
  • Revisions of electrical welding machines, portable tools and electrical appliances.
  • Revision of construction wiring, distribution boards and lightning conductors.
  • Validating of technical documentation of electrical field.
  • Investigation of incidents, failures and injuries during works of electrical machinery of equipment.
  • Consultancy in electrical field.