SWTrans Company – transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes

            Today SWTrans Company is a major enterprise in Russia, a specialist carrier of oversized and heavy cargoes, in Russia and abroad.
            The core specialization of the Company is transportation of oversized (non standard) cargoes: out of gauge, heavy and lengthy cargoes. Apart from inland transportation, we offer a fine-tuned system of international deliveries, via multimodal transportation by automobile, rail and water transport. Huge experience and high qualification of our specialists in the field of oversized cargo delivery enable us to perform a transportation of any complexity: lengthy, heavy and out of gauge cargo.
            SWTrans Company operates an efficient and modern fleet of specialized trailers and tractors,that gives us an ability to satisfy the wide variety of client's requirements in the field of transportation of oversize and heavy lift cargoes; this being one of the keys of company’s success.
            Our fleet comprises of more than 50 specialized road trailers. We operate following brands of specialized trailers, semitrailers and lowbeds: Goldhofer, Stokota, Faymonville, Nooteboom, ES-GE and modular trailers from Scheuerle; cargo carrying capacity is up to 650 tons. A modern lowbed, while possessing almost standard dimensions, could sustain colossal loads, and provides a free traffic with oversized cargo. We could also arrange a lease of lowbeds and other specialized technique. You may place an enquiry through CONTACTS area of the site.

            The system of oversized cargo transportation is being updated on a regular basis. We offer to our client a package services, that also includes rigging work, transshipment, necessary permits and convoy providing. Speaking of our skills, significant part of our experience is performance of project transportation.
Our success is based on:
-  Our Specialization and solid experience in all kinds of transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
- Professional team of specialists, that takes care of every load of your cargo at every stage of transportation;
- Deeply studied, well prepared and detailed transportation solutions, with execution of road surveys and reinforcements, providing all necessary permits for  transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
- Flexibility and ability to offer service in accordance with variety of client's requirements.
- Rental of crawler cranes;
- Installation of heavy oversize equipment.

rental of heavy crane. rent crane. rent heavy cranes. 

rental of crawler cranes. 


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