Our company, "CTT trans-NN", successfully operating in the Russian market rental of cranes with lifting capacity up to 400 tons of oversized and heavy cargo transportation since 2000 and has established itself as a reliable partner. It is known that the transportation of goods - one of the most important stages of any activities from production to trade. And the increased demand for services caused by the extensive range of mobile cranes work performed using this type of technology. With a variety of models, we can always choose the kind of crane that is necessary to perform certain construction work.

We quickly and efficiently arrange the shipment by any means of transport, oversized, oversized and heavy cargo (CTG), if necessary, to carry out the lifting and handling of our mobile cranes or other special equipment. We have the strength to carry almost all kinds of oversized, bulky and heavy equipment for the oil, chemical and heavy industry, equipment for energy, building construction, road-building and agricultural machinery, ships, yachts and any heavy or large equipment. To effectively carry oversized, bulky and heavy loads, our company uses a specialized fleet of vehicles. Because of this, we can provide the services of the most demanding customers perform such difficult feasible projects that are beyond the power of many companies working in the field of transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.

Special pride of our company are highly qualified specialists with higher technical education and extensive, long-term experience of similar works. Our employees are constantly trained and trained. To perform the rigging we use only professional certified equipment and devices (winches, jacks, special hydraulic equipment and tools, various lever devices, hoists and other equipment). Much of the equipment is made specifically for a particular job, based on the characteristics and requirements of customers CTG for its transportation. Also our design office develops special equipment and accessories for the most demanding applications that can not afford standard tools. In accordance with the most effective logistics scheme, each client individually developed the best routes and methods of transportation, to qualitatively and in the shortest possible time to carry oversized, bulky and heavy loads. On request, the goods may be accompanied by a certified security.

Please contact us and we will do the maximum of their capabilities, knowledge and experience to the task.


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