UAB „RIPADA“ enterprise offers oversized and heavyweight cargo transportation services. We started working in 2012 and concentrated in autotransport shipping. Due to the experience and hard work of our professional team, we gained invaluable experience and became more flexible while offering new transportation services to our Clients. Our transport park is constantly being renewed, therefore we can guarantee the high quality and safe transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargos with autotransport in Lithuania and abroad.


The main countries where we transport cargo are:
Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Belarus and etc.

We have experience in shipping cargo such as:

  • metal constructions;
  • equipment;
  • reinforced concrete products;
  • wheel equipment;
  • various containers;
  • tubes.

  • Forwarding (Expedition)
  • Wind Energy Services
  • Road permit
  • Transport