Re-Move is an independent global capacity provider for heavy lift and transport equipment. We offer a variety of tailor-made lease concepts for heavy lift cranes, vehicles and alternative lifting equipment, including worldwide shipping. We can supply all kinds of cranes, trucks and trailers worldwide (all without operator). Our leasing concepts offer you very flexible capacity when and where you want it, all over the world without tying up your capital. We also offer consultancy services for inspections, certified valuations of cranes, trucks and trailers and company valuations in the heavy lift and transport world. You can rely on us if you are buying or selling new and used cranes, heavy transport equipment and alternative lifting equipment. 

As an independent party, we will hold an independent position between crane rental companies, manufacturers of heavy equipment and financial parties such as banks and leasing companies.

Our services

• Bare Rental: rental of cranes, trucks and trailers (without operator) and alternative lifting equipment

• Leasing: rental of cranes, trucks and trailers (without operator) and alternative lifting equipment but with a purchase option at the end of the lease

• Sale & Leaseback: Re-Move buys your equipment and leases it back to you

• Added value services: Shipping, Transport, L/C finance, Mobilisation and demobilisation, Technical inspection, Commissioning, Repair & Maintenance, Insurance 

• Valuations: Asset Valuations, Company Valuations, Insurance Valuations (for banks and leasing companies)

• Worldwide Consulting: Technical Inspection, Asset Optimisation, Fleet management, Project Consulting)

• Buying/selling: Worldwide buying and selling of heavy lift, transport equipment and alternative lifting equipment 

Why Re-Move

We can see that it is difficult for many companies to invest in capital intensive cranes, yet there is a great deal of demand for capacity. With our leasing concepts we can offer companies flexible capacity, any time, any place, all over the world without tying up their capital. We know the market through and through. That's also a source of our added value: we can provide personalised services. Thanks to our long-standing contacts with manufacturers, we can deliver state of the art equipment. Our worldwide network enables us to bring supply and demand together. Our knowledge and experience also makes us an interesting party for leasing companies and banks.

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  • Lifting
  • Leasing
  • Finances
  • Crane trade
  • Road transport trade
  • Crane rental
  • Rigging equipment trade