PT.Aero Global Indonesia is a service company that already has permission from Customs Import which is located in Jakarta and engaged in freight forwarder, Interested to cooperate with the company Mr / Ms in the field of Goods Handling Services Export-Import with the following services:

Importers who have Consigne Can Import License / Receiver on behalf of PT. Global Aero Indonesia provides facilities undername based Commoditas Import, Import License PT. Global Aero Indonesia is:
- N P W P
- A P I-U
- S R P / N I C
- N P I K
- Certificate ALFI / ILFA
- Handling LS (Surveyor's Report)
- IT (Electronics)
- IT (Iron / Steel)
- IT (Garment)
- IT (Food & Beverage)
- PI (Forest Products)

Service of PT.Aero Global Indonesia as follows:
1. General Customs Clearance
2. All-in Customs Clearance
    Including: Import Taxes, Fees Do Kyung-soo, Rent Warehouse & Other Charges
3. The importation of the system Door to door
    Regional Asia, Europe and America
4. Cost D / O rent warehouse / buildup, motions receipts related parties.
5. Estimates for the maintenance of seven days since we received the complete document.

PT. Global Aero Indonesia, service delivery / distribution of goods domestics all over the archipelago.
Covarage Domestic Distribution Areas are:
- Java
- Bali
- Sumatra
- Borneo
Via our Army to use public transport:
- Pick Up
- Colt Diesel
- Fuso Engkel
- Tronton
- Buil Up
We also serve Via Sea & Air, also has branches in some areas.
Please consider our proposed Special Customs Clearance. The trust and the time we say thank you.
Best Regards.


  • Sea freight
  • Air cargo