Generalist port, it deals with all types of goods: hydrocarbons and liquid bulk (oil, gas and chemical products), various goods (containers and other packaging), solid bulk (ores and cereals).

It hosts two logistics warehouses in areas near the Fos container terminal (Ikea, Maisons du Monde, Geodis / Mattel ...) and industries (refi neries, iron and steel industry, chemical industry).

Like any world-class port, it provides a ship repair business with 9 forms of refit, including the largest of the Mediterranean, the "Form 10".

It is also a port that meets the international standards required for passenger, cruise and ferry activities. More than 2 million passengers pass through the port of Marseille Fos every year. In less than ten years, it has become France's leading cruise port.

The port consists of two basins: the "East basins" located in the city of Marseille on 400 hectares and the "West basins" located in Fos (70 km from Marseille).

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Countries: France
Depots: 1
Employees: 1000