Grupo Pesadosul began its activities through the initiative of its partners to create a new solution in the road transport industry and cargo distribution between the regions of Brazil.

The commitment to the quality of services is a constant and is present in all sectors of the company, is in service, the technology used in the processes, the improvement of its services and the professionalism and responsibility of our employees.

Following the trends of the market each day evolves and diversifies, Grupo Pesadosul has developed specific methods of loading and operational monitoring for each type of load.

Our company is structured with the pavilion of 400m² and a free area 10,000m² storage, logistics and support patio for our customers and partners. We work with the traditional transport of dry cargo, boxes, metal structures concrete beams also covering a huge experience in excess charges.


Acting in a transparent and responsible manner, from the provision of transport and logistics services while maintaining permanent focus on skills, excellence and continuous improvement in order to fully meet the needs of our partners, contributing their results and the development of society.

It is seen as a client's business partner, highlighting the quality, accountability, and efficiency in the provision of transport and logistics services.

Transparency; Ethic; Organization; Appreciation of Talent and Creativity; Job; Search the Knowledge and Qualification;

  • Lifting
  • Transport
  • Crane rental

Categories: Crane rental | Road Transport
Countries: Brazil
Depots: 2
Employees: 50