Pelser Filmproducties makes corporate movies for the internet. Due to my former work in the special transport sector, I am of great value for heavy lifting or special transport companies in their online marketing strategy.

On the roll
Company reports, instructional films, product presentations and films about projects assist Klaas Pelser Film productions on the roll. The target group is the enterprise market, specializing in the construction and transport sectors. Embedded in the organization of Pelser Hartman takes the start of the film production quickly and easily.

Jeroen Pelser "The films lead us architectural consulting firm like wildfire around. People take it very quickly and want to apply it in their communication. The construction industry is rather a traditional set but now we see may cause the value of what a movie. Every smart business owner sees that communicates very well. "  Heavy productions Klaas Pelser also produced the report of the PDO Master of Arjan Erkel and Charles Luttikholt which can be viewed via BOB TV on the Regional Business site. Websites are the main platform on which the films Klaas Pelser Film productions are shown. Klaas Pelser: "Making movies is now much better and cheaper than before and the broadband Internet is suitable for placing heavy productions. That may Youtube linked but the delivery of the material can be done in many ways "Jeroen Pelser". Distinctive is that the company has been built around Klaas. Klaas is sharp and takes the whole thing up. Besides the camera work, which he can move well in the role of the viewer, he takes the whole concept script and shot list on his behalf. He taking the director during the making of the production firm grip. Thus, customers receive a rapid and effective manner a good product. The time of Internet videos is now really begun. And that entrepreneur has the good eye. 

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