OZNAKLIYAT KARA TASIMACILIGI A.S. was established in 1951 by Mr. Huseyin OZ to fill the gap in domestic transportation in the country. While focusing on container haulage and conventional cargo trucking coming in/out by seaway at the beginning stage; by changing demands in the market and logistics expectations of the customers, our services were diversified into heavy transport in 1985, international trucking in 1996, forwarding in 1998, bounded warehouses in 2004 and customs consultancy in 2005.

OZNAKLIYAT with totally paid capital of USDollars 10,000,000.- and 250 staff; is the unique transport company in Turkey serving with fully equipped terminals, vehicles; technical, electronic, financial infrastructure; market experiences and well skilled human resources which made us one of the leaders in heavy transportation, container haulage and storage, freight forwarding, bounded & free warehousing, customs consultancy.

Oznakliyat serves to transportation industry in the following areas over 60 years of experience,

Project and Heavy Transportation

Bounded Warehousing

Container Transportation, Storage, M&R Facilites


Customs Consultancy

Oznakliyat always believed that the condition of leadership is to follow and apply new technologies. So, Oznakliyat became one of the most innovative companies in the Turkish transportation industry. Hi-tech and full-equipped vehicle fleet, high capacity warehousing bounded warehouses as well as logistics centers and vehicle park are major elements that approves the power of Oznakliyat. Oznakliyat, with its staff coming from a sound professional background and working with team spirit, reaches its customers via Istanbul and Izmir offices which are furnished with international communication network for national and international co-ordination and provides facilities for our customers.

Our vision is not only serving as demanded but also contribute with more than expected. We believe in that, it is the main policy brought us today and guarantees our achievement in the future.