Mohammed Abdullah Al Areedh Company for Renting and Selling Heavy Equipment is one of the leading companies in the field of development industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Which is characterized by the size of a fleet consisting of more than 1000 cranes of various types and sizes, It the maintains and change of this equipment and conveyors annually. It also relies on a large number of manpower who work in various fields, including administrative and technical, operations and implementation team and workers. Al-Areedh Company has a wide range of operations across the country. It has a number of branches in the main cities of the Kingdom and in addition to the flexibility of transportation to serve neighbouring countries.

We are committed to providing excellent services to customers through high quality. We manage 3 main branches for maintenance workshops, in addition to more than 30 service vehicles and support such as spare parts and on-site maintenance, and also we have a full support team to serve our customers among the competing companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the modernization of the fleet and heavy equipment on a regular basis to ensure the delivery of quality in highly standards.