The Heavy Equipment Inspectors

Mevas is an independent machinery inspection service. With our International Inspector-Network, we offer technical analysis and valuation services. Our engineers and are specially trained for used equipment inspections.

For each machine inspection, we provide a specific and detailed inspection checklist. We perform an operational test, write an inspection report and make a full set of photos. On request, we can offer a video.

Mobile crane inspection service

Some of our technicians have been trained to inspect used cranes and other lifting equipment. We can look back to more than 200 inspected mobile cranes including ATT, crawler cranes, truck-mounted cranes and road cranes.

Statutory and Safety Inspections

If you came along our website because you are looking for safety or statutory inspections we are sorry. This is not our business. Mevas only provide quality inspections, appraisal and valuation for used cranes and other lifting equipment.

Our crane inspection means we would agree with the supplier a test procedure with an operational test. The crane operator from the seller would operate the crane as requested by our inspector. Boom will be fully extended and checked for damages, slider wear and if straight. Lift rope and winches are approved for condition and functionality. Swing bearing play will be measured. Engines are checked for leaks and operational condition. Same with brakes and transmission. The technician inspects the crane from the underside for leaks, steering and brake components, axles and suspensions.

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