The transportation and logistics company Libava Trans Holding, which is based in Latvia, in a seaport city of Liepaja, is dealing with the international cargo transportations from already 1997. The basic activity lines of Libava Trans Holding company are transportations of oversized and heavy cargoes from Europe to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries. Our company also delivers oversized and general cargoes to Afghanistan.

A part of the fleet of trucks of Libava Trans Holding company is located in Dortmund, Germany. This part of vehicles constantly transports oversized and heavy cargoes all over Europe, what allows us to hasten the process of delivery of oversized cargoes, providing you with the required number of the special motor vehicles for transportation to the designated place and in due time.

The transportation and logistics company Libava Trans Holding continuously renders delivery / export of oversized and heavy cargoes to / from the largest ports of Europe, such as Bremerhaven, Luebeck and Rostock in Germany, the ports of Holland, Sweden, Finland, the port of Paldiski in Estonia, the ports of Liepaja, Ventspils and Riga in Latvia, as well as the ports of Klaipeda in Lithuania, etc.

The use of sea routes, as well as the ferries on the route Germany – Latvia / Lithuania, England – Estonia, Germany – St.-Petersburg (Russia) during the transportation, allows Libava Trans Holding company, due to the maximum speed and reliability, to deliver the oversized and heavy cargoes to the ports of Europe and Russia for their further delivery to the destination points.

The experienced experts of Libava Trans Holding company optimize the delivery process due to the use of modern multimodal schemes for transportation of the oversized cargoes. They will help you in the procedure of the customs clearance of cargoes, and, if necessary, will advise you the correct execution of the documents. Should it be necessary to temporarily store the cargoes during the transportation, the experts of Libava Trans Holding company will stow your cargoes into the guarded warehouses mentioned for temporary storage, under the customs control, observing the transit and export procedures.

The use of the modern equipment for satellite vehicle tracking allows us to receive and give you the most precise and detailed information on the location of the motor vehicle with the cargo in online mode.

The transportation and logistics company Libava Trans Holding is always at the point to provide you with the complete spectrum of the services and to listen to your suggestions.

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