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in just two words … everywhere… always…JEKKO MINICRANE!

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The product line Jekko derives  from the activity of designing special machines on order. For some time Ormet applied single-arm minicranes for trucks on carriages equipped with electrical control unit and in the 2002 the first machine on tracks was produced  Subsequently, the range was extended and in 2004 began a production of small batches. In 2006 the Jekko brand was born and in May 2007 a production plant was inaugurated which is dedicated to the mass assembly of all models up to 4 ton.

Today the Jekko Division has a strong organization with a professional Technical Office, a training and after sale service reliable and a marketing and sales department specialized for each area

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  • Equipment service
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  • Manufacture
  • Crane trade
  • Rigging equipment trade

Categories: Crane trade | Rigging equipment trade
Countries: Italy
Depots: 1
Employees: 100