Hoflehner transport escort service provides the organization and execution of the vehicle accompanied by special transport and heavy haulage to level 1 and level 2-4 according to § 97 para. 2 StVO 1960th

Equipment of the accompanying vehicle:

  • 2 yellow warning lights
  • Inscription "special transport" in block letters, minimum height 10 cm in black on a yellow or red background; The inscription must be visible from the front and back and must be removed after completion of transport security (otherwise no further inscriptions)
  • Radio connection to transport vehicle
  • Security material: Traffic sign "Other dangers" with side length of at least 900 mm and designed as a tripod, at least 4 traffic cones, height: at least 50 cm
Categories: Pilot car | Road permit
Countries: Austria
Depots: 1
Employees: 20