Kuangshan Group Building Cranes since 1984 year

Ever since 1984, Lanri has been and continues to be a professional overhead crane manufacturer. And from 2002 year, Lanri Brand had changed to Kuangshan Group, Up to now, Kuangshan Group has been an overhead crane industry leader, especially in overhead cranes for steel industry. Our focus is to provide our customers a cost effective solution that will meet their material handling needs. We provide whole series of overhead bridge cranes with capacity from 0.5 ton to 550 tons.

At Kuangshan, quality is our top priority.

Kuangshan is ISO 9001-2008 registered. This means we actively monitor every part of our business, conducting monthly evaluations that covereverything from customer service to delivery times. Besides, Lanri ascertifications ofthe Swiss SGS, CE and etc. Here comes the TUV Assessment File.

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Categories: Crane trade
Countries: China
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Employees: 2340