Based on this principle, the Hegelmann Group was founded in 1998. The first transporters for special transports built the base for the company. In the first years the founders themselves drove the trucks all through Europe and worked hard on the positive business development. By this time many independent branches belong to the Hegelmann Group and support customers all over Europe to the borders of China. We focus on the realization of any transports. To match the expectations of our customers, we exhaust all possibilities. As a result of many years of business experience we provide our customers standard special or non-stop express transports. Our range of services expands continuously so we can provide various solutions for different requests. Heavy lift transports, transports of dangerous goods is part to our service as well as solutions of transporting consolidated and grouped cargoes. Interdisciplinary know how and diversified equipment makes it possible to react to individual customers wishes immediately. Most of our daily work is about time sensitive transports for the automotive-, the heavy industry and food- industry.


According to the latest state of the art, the whole transport fleet of the Hegelmann Group is continuously in change and can be adapted to the customer needs. In this process, we do not loose the focus on the environmental and the cost-efficiency. To guarantee to our customers that orders will be handled in a timely manner even at short notice, we are available for you 24 hours each day, 365 days each year. We are available daily in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and many other countries, including the CIS nations. We deliver “Just in Time” from the Algarve to the border of China.