Family business with headquarters in Vigo and dedicated to large load lifting and special transport services in any field and sector, more than 60 years of experience. Synonymous with commitment, quality of service, and effectiveness.


Our equipments are from 30 tn up to 650 tn mobile crane. we have also upt 135 tm truck crane and all types of special road transport.




Since its beginnings in 1958 to date, DONIZ has participated in important projects which enable it to carry out practically any job in which equipment for lifting and moving large loads is needed. Thus, the continuous evolution both in machinery and in the training of technical, administrative and commercial personnel, has led us to provide services that cover multiple sectors of activity,



Quality and environmental policy


One of the main objectives of the Doniz group has been and is to offer quality, both in service and in dealing with customers, and reliable proof of this is the obtaining of the ISO 9001 quality certificate in 2004: 2000, applied to crane rental services activities as well as to the performance of special transportation.


In its desire to achieve higher quality in the execution of our services, as well as greater pro-activity towards caring for the environment, the following maxims have been established:


Ensure the satisfaction of our clients, based on always correct treatment and extra effort in providing our services.


Comply with all the requirements imposed by our clients, as well as all those legal requirements in the field of quality and the environment that are required of us.


Commit to continuously improving the quality of our services, as well as our attitude towards the environmental impacts that may be generated by our activity.


Believe in a better future for our company, in which the client always feels satisfied with our services and our environmental behavior in the work carried out is as expected.


Achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on the trust and loyalty of our customers.


In this sense, Grúas Doniz is registered in the hazardous waste treatment registry of certified workshops.


It also complies with all the requirements set out in Decree 298/2000, of December 7 of the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Xunta de Galicia.


For all these reasons, both Grúas Doniz SL and Doniz Division Transportes SA are currently certified in the following standards:


ISO 9001:2008


ISO 14001:2004




An important fact to highlight is the commitment of our companies in terms of occupational risk prevention:


Our staff has all the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is necessary to carry out our activity in complete safety. As well as any type of complement necessary to protect our security and that of our clients. To guarantee safety and continuous training, our staff has the highest training requirements in the sector as well as continuous recycling of preventive measures for their workplace.


All our crane operators have the official type “B” self-propelled mobile crane operator license required since July 2005 by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and required for the assembly and operation of cranes of any tonnage. Likewise, GRUAS DONIZ, SL is, since that same date of entry into force of the new regulations, a maintenance company for self-propelled mobile cranes, which enables us to carry out inspections and maintenance of our equipment.


Our goal of improving every day means that we have highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in safety, ergonomics and hygiene issues, in short, expert advisors in occupational risk prevention.




DONIZ carries out all work with the greatest guarantees and safety possible, but due to the inherent risks of the sector, we entrust our fleet of equipment, personnel and the maneuvers carried out to one of the main insurance companies internationally and with the greatest prestige in the sector. of lifting and transporting large loads.


We have civil liability insurance for handling loads with cranes and crane trucks, insuring a value of up to 600,000 euros of merchandise handled; There is the option to extend this policy for those specific cases in which the merchandise to be handled exceeds this figure.


In the case of special road transport, the goods are insured above the requirements of the transport law, having a policy that insures goods with a value of up to 400,000 euros, with the option to extend this policy for those specific cases in which that the merchandise to be transported exceeds this figure.


Regarding possible damages or prejudices that could be caused to third parties, we have civil liability coverage of up to 7 million euros.


In any case and thanks to the quick and direct contact with the insurer, the steps to make any change or extension of the current policies depending on the operation, is quick and simple, do not hesitate to ask us for all the details.