This Dutch workboat manufacturer has been leading the way in innovation and design since 2006. Groeneveldt is still a company and had the unique ability to be able to combine traditional values with modern techniques. We will work for the best quality that will give the customer complete satisfaction. All our workboats are compleat produced in the Netherlands, which ensures welcome employment. If you sub-contract activities in low - wage countries, valuable knowledge is lost and it is impossible to react effectively to change in the market. Groeneveldt prefers to keep its skills and craftsmanship within the company. As a customer, you also benefit from this: always a modern workship featuring the most innovative techniques. The secret of this success is in our production method. Thanks to our workshop and short lines within the company, Groeneveldt has been able to achieve unprecedented efficiency. Each workship goes through our workshop under its future owner's name. Your workship is no longer an anonymous piece of steel, but a personal product, treated with the utmost care by the Groeneveldt Group. 100 % Dutch quality. It is something to be proud of, and it has an important advantage for you, our customer. Because Groeneveldt can adjust quickly, you can count on exceptional after-sales service an professional help worldwide.