We are ASELKON Crane. We have different lifting solution for your customers,


We are ASELKON Crane a Turkish company manufacturing new generation cranes. We are calling our crane new generation because our crane is not only using as winchrope or lifting with hydraulic boom. İt’s multifunction, useble tougether in one machine. Powerfull and economic crane.  Even you can use hydraulic equipment.

Why we’re present our crane is economic?

                Aselkon Cranes are manufactoring in Turkey with European Standard but our price are really competitive in Europian market. We are mounting Havy duty cranes on road trucks,  cranes separated from carrier. So you can choise your carrier even from used vehichle. Aselkon will manufacture your ordered crane and send you separated from carrier. When your crane arrive your country we will send our technicians for combine to truck.


We can manufacture crane from  10 Metrictons to 400 metrictons.


What is unique features of our crane?

         Standard Specifications

-Flexible, resistant steel material

-Robotic Production line.

-European Standard in all speare parts.

-Hydraulic Extendable Case in realuse time (180 cm) (bitween ASK 21 –ASK 90)

-Multi function lifting (With hydraulic system possible to lift same capasity winchrope and you can use  tougether in the same crane.)

-Crane has hydraulic capasity to lift any material or machinaries from the ground (0 “zero” point) directly.

-Crane can use hydraulic equipments without any modification. ( Areal Platform Basket will delivery with crane)

-LCD screen electronic Moment control system( Pressure control, weight control, working hours control, maintenance time control, working angles control).


Inaddition with order

-Electronic circuitry,

-Wireless camera,

-Global monitoring and reporting system,

-GPS Tracking system.

-Electronic maintenance tracking system.

-LCD screen electronic control system( Pressurecontrol, weightcontrol, working hours control, maintenance time control, workinganglescontrol).


Don’t think we are so far eachother. Your benefit will be more than your visit cost. Please don’t hasitate to ask about prices.


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