We currently operate the Sikorsky S-58T aircraft, with twin turbine engines and a max load capacity of 4500 lb.* In addition to external load movement our aircraft also provides seating for up to 9 passengers and a large internal hauling capacity of appr. 460 cubic feet. The S-58T has proven itself to be the most dependable and flexible aircraft serving the construction industry for over 35 years.

We have assisted in providing relief and support for most major natural disasters to hit the Eastern US since our inception, including most recently Hurricane Rita and Katrina. Aircrane has hauled tons of emergency supplies, assisted in human and animal rescue and provided continued support during the rebuilding process.

We pride ourselves in our environmental friendly approach to preserving our natural resources by applying our services in the setting of erosion control materials, rebuilding of and removal of collapsed bridges, and debris from State, Federal & privately owned lands, rivers and streams.

When you contract with Aircrane, Inc. you know you’re getting the experience, knowledge and safety record of the industry’s premiere helicopter lifting company.


Since our inception 1993 Aircrane has:

•Set over 100,000 rooftop A/C Units
•Poured thousands of yards of concrete
•Placed signage & lighting
•Set countless pieces of steel (trusses, girders, columns, etc.)
•Placement of fish habitats
•Disaster relief
•Promotional events
•Recovery of downed aircraft/boats
•Off loading of cargo from barges/ships

Our company provides fire suppression services for both Federal & State agencies from the most Southern tips of Florida to the Northern tips of Alaska. We have also completed jobs and continue to provide support to the US Forest Service, Office of Aircraft Services, BIA, Department of Defense, FEMA, EPA and Soil & Conservation departments in various states.


  • Lifting
  • Lashing & Packaging Cargo
  • Installation
  • Skidding
  • Jacking