Interview with Artiom Kozlov, CEO of KGE logistics B.V. - The Netherlands

Artiom Kozlov KGE Logistics

New company, KGE Logistics from Amsterdam as a member of, will share today with our visitors interesting and complicated project.

Crane-Locator: Artiom, please tell us about yourself and about your company

Artiom Kozlov: KGE stands for Key, Global, efficiency based in the Netherlands Amsterdam. It is a young energetic team of people with experience over 10 years in the industry which are specialising in delivering project cargo and also general good, FTL, LTL, FCL, LCL by using all kind of different methods of transport such as road, rail, sea, and air. I am project director and CEO of the company since 2013.

Crane-Locator: What are your main activities, which regions do you cover?

Artiom Kozlov:our main activities are transporting oversize goods from European countries, USA, Canada, Australia , and Asia to CIS countries, Russia, Caucasus, Mongolia and vice versa, also we make a good chance to do same with general cargo and LTL shipments for same directions as mentioned above.

Crane-Locator: What are your plans for upcoming 1-2 years?

Artiom Kozlov: We are looking to build up a network and to expand like opening up few offices one in the Baltic countries and one in Caucasus, this way we have mostly the circle shape covered and this will help us show more professional work done.

Crane-Locator: Tell as about your project from Kazakhstan to the Netherlands, which was just recently completed. What was the most difficult part? Interesting information about cargo?

Artiom Kozlov: this project quite interesting first because of geographical situated Bautino Kazakhstan Mangistau region, to get and get out from this place need a lot of patience because of the bad road conditions and especially warm weather at summer which makes it hard. Sandy roads there makes it hard to carry  heavy cargoes like we just did the 40-ton pieces and need drivers with big experience in this field and area. We positioned all 6 trucks within 1 week and landed all in time frames so the customer was very surprised and happy about our service, especially the condition of the trailers we provided thanks to our partners. The stretch  from Bautino to Oosterhout is approx 5000km with all kind of different road conditions and road structures.

Bautino, KZ - NL project of Oil and gas equipment

Crane-Locator: Your message to the market, please keep it optimistic?

Artiom Kozlov: to all market is very challenging and interesting it started to pick up in the 3rd quarter much better than it was the first 2 quarters of 2016, me and my teammates looking forward to grabbing some nice projects to Central Asia, Russia, and Caucasus and dominate the market.